Voices of Syria's war haunt Tokyo stage

This article was originally published in the Japan Times newspaper on Oct 30 2013. The war in Syria has been making headlines for more than two years now, but it’s made very little impact on the theater world in Japan. Next month, though, that’s set to change with the Tokyo staging of “The Fear of…

On SHUNT and “Money”

An interview with Mischa Twitchin, one of the founding members of the London based Shunt Collective.

On the Real: Fatebook and Whit MacLaughlin

This interview was originally published on London Theatre Blog on August 1 2009. An archive of London Theatre Blog is available here. I encountered Fatebook via a tweet from director Whit MacLaughlin. I was drawn to the audio-video installation on the website, a praiseworthy creation in its own right, but also a visual metaphor for the ambitious, cross-disciplinary performance project that…

Theatre In Second Life

How does theatre work in a virtual online environment such as Second Life? What can we learn from this virtual experience and carry over into ‘real world’ theatre practice, and vice-versa?

Interview with Rotozaza

This interview was originally published on December 1 2006 on London Theatre Blog. An archive of which can be found here. I conducted the following interview at the Shunt Lounge (London Bridge) on the 29th of November 2006 with Anthony Hampton and Silvia Mercuriali from Rotozaza. I would like to express my sincere thanks to both of them…