From Agit-prop to Agit-docs in 1930s British Theatre

This article was published in Konan Women’s University Journal of Literature and Culture (59):2023 pp.47-57. Bibliographic data | Article download link Abstract Between 1931 and 1940, the Salford based Theatre of Action (TOA) produced a series of agit-prop plays that experimented with proto-documentary theatre forms, including the political review and the living newspaper. Among these plays was Newsboy (1935),…

Re-performing news narratives in an ESL classroom in Japan through Living Newspapers

Article published in the International Association of Performing Language (IAPL) Journal, Issue 3, Dec. 2018. Pp. 1-25. Read the article in full here. Abstract The term “Living Newspaper” or zhivaya gazeta originated in Russia during the October Revolution of 1917. It refers to public readings of party political news for audiences in (mostly) rural locations….

Theatre Review: The Winter’s Tale dir. Satoshi Miyagi

Review of The Winter’s Tale, dir. by Satoshi Miyagi at the Shizuoka Performing Arts Centre, Shizuoka, 11 February 2017. Published in Shakespeare Studies, Vol 55, 2017. Pp. 47-50. Production trailer Time lapse video of the stage construction for The Winter’s Tale

On document becomings and the documentary theatre

Article published in Konan Women’s University Journal of Literature and Culture (52):2015 p.9-15. Bibliographic data | Article download link Abstract The technological and cultural changes to the constitution and usage of documents often preempt, outperform even, the capacity of institutions to validate and integrate new document formations within their orders of signification. In such instances, the document…

Act2 Cultural Relations and Conflict

In September 2010, the British Council Switzerland organised a programme of events in and around Geneva under the heading ‘Act 2: Cultural Relations and Conflict’. Director of the British Council Switzerland, Caroline Morrissey MBE, and Act 2 Project Manager, Aisha Gilani, convened a group of international activists, artists, academics and practitioners from the applied arts…