Translation of “YAMAYAMA (I Would Prefer Not To)”

My translation of the play YAMAYAMA (I Would Prefer Not To), written by Matsubara Shuntaro in 2018, appears in Volume 8 of the ENGEKI: Japanese Theatre In the New Millennium series, published by the Japan Playwrights Association (JPA). The ENGEKI series (“engeki” means theatre in Japanese) brings new writing in Japan to an international audience….

Japan Syndrome – Takamine Tadasu

Japan Syndrome¬†was part of a three year project led by contemporary Japanese artist Tadasu Takamine responding to the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant following the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011. Mika Eglinton and I were commissioned by the then curator of Art Tower Mito, Mizuki Takahashi, to translate the Mito version subtitles…